Risk-taking Behavior in Police Officers and Martial Artists: Investigating potential Differences using the Balloon Analogue Risk Task

Mario Staller, Benjamin Zaiser, Swen Körner, Jon Cole


This study investigated the effects of regular threat exposure on risk-taking by comparing risk-taking propensity between police officers, martial artists, and a control group not regularly exposed to real or simulated threats. The behavioral measure of risk-taking propensity known as the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) was administered to a sample of 205 participants (police officers, martial artists, and controls). Results showed no difference between the groups, which indicates that experience as a police officer and/or a martial artist did not lead to a change in risk taking propensity. The potential importance of risk-taking propensity to a better understanding of decision-making of police officers and martial artists are discussed.
Keywords: martial arts, police use of force, risk-taking propensity


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[JLE] ISSN 2161-0231 (Online)

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