Examining the Role of Police Compassion Fatigue and Negative Personality Traits in Impeding the Promotion of Police Compassion Satisfaction: A Brief Report

Konstantinos Papazoglou, Mari Koskelainen, Brooke McQuerrey Tuttle, Marian Pitel


Police officers respond to a plethora of calls, to include critical incidents. Research shows police officers are more resilient when compared to civilians, but exposure to critical incidents may lead to traumatic stress reactivity, which can increase the risk for negative mental health outcomes among police officers. Years of law enforcement experience, negative personality traits, and compassion fatigue on compassion satisfaction were examined regarding the influence each had on a sample of police officers from Finland. Study results appeared consistent with prior research that explored compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction among service-oriented professionals (e.g., nurses, emergency room medical doctors, crisis clinicians). Implications of the key findings are discussed and recommendations for future research are provided.

Keywords: compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, law enforcement, negative personality traits, trauma


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[JLE] ISSN 2161-0231 (Online)

Blue Wall Institute, Belleville, Illinois 62226