Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Wellness and Awareness in Law Enforcement

This issue focuses on officer wellness and awareness.

Table of Contents

Standards for Written Work

Writing Like a Star PDF
Macharia Waruingi

Officer Safety

Mental Illness and Risks for Law Enforcement PDF
Dr. Olivia N. Johnson, Scott Barthelmass
Workplace Violence: Identification and Prevention PDF
Robert Schmidtke

Training and Education

Police Suicide - Name It, Tame It: The Elephant in the Department PDF
Dr. Olivia N. Johnson

Thesis Abstracts

Blue Wall of Silence: Perceptions of the Influence of Training on Law Enforcement Suicide PDF
Dr. Olivia N. Johnson
Police Stressors, Mental Health Issues and Provider Preferences Among Police Officers PDF
Elizabeth Ann Willman

Research Reports

The Unraveling of John PDF
Dr. Olivia N. Johnson

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Enhancing Officer Safety PDF
Olivia N. Johnson

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