Vol 4, No 3 (2015)

Challenges Facing Law Enforcement

Table of Contents

Standards for Written Work

Writing Like a Star PDF
Macharia Waruingi

Call for Papers

Call for Papers PDF
Olivia N. Johnson

Training and Education

Juvenile Delinquency and Future Implications for American Youth and Society PDF
Olivia N. Johnson, Annette Tim
Developing Problem Solvers: New Perspectives on Pedagogical Practices in Police Use of Force Training PDF
Mario S. Staller, Benjamin Zaiser
The Police Side of Shooting Deaths and Other Trauma PDF
Kathy Carson
Confabulation in Correctional Settings: An Exploratory Review PDF
Jerrod Brown

Research Reports

Active Shooter Training: Date Based Recommendations For Retraining Depreciable Skills PDF
Mark D. Thomas, Daniel W. Carruth

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