About Writing

  • Macharia Waruingi Principal, Global Health Care Systems


This paper contains nine criteria or guidelines for reviewing written work. I have published these criteria in Books 1 and 2 of the Dr. Mac! Dissertation Mentoring Handbook. Book 1 is the Strategies for Quantitative Research. Book 2 is the Strategies for Qualitative Research. These criteria are important because they must reflect in each section of a written piece. The nine criteria are (a) depth of scholarship, (b) originality, (c) theoretical and conceptual framework, (d) use of literature, (e) substantive value, (f) clarity and logic of presentation, (g) grammar, (h) APA style, (i) and readability.

Author Biography

Macharia Waruingi, Principal, Global Health Care Systems

Dr. Waruingi holds doctorate in medicine and health administration. He is the founding chair of KDNC (kdnc.org). His work is inspired by the works of Peter M. Senge, MIT Sloan Leadership Center. His dissertation project focused on Discovering the Tacit Dimension of Global Health Leadership Using Grounded Theory and Systems Thinking.

Dr. Waruingi explains how we can do things differently to achieve effectiveness in global health in his recent book Emergencing. Dr. Waruingi is a senior consultant in health care with the Global Health Care Systems, and also is an associate professor at the UoP School of Advanced Studies.