Pyrophilia: A Need for Further Discussion

Jerrod Brown, Eric Hickey, Mario L. Hesse, Warren Maas, Dallas S. Drake, Michael Flanagan, Samantha Lee, Hannah Brown, Janae Olson


Pyrophilia is an under researched form of paraphilia that involves heightened sexual arousal associated with fire or fire-setting (Newton, 2006; Hickey, 2015).  The potential for harm caused by a person compelled to set fires to satisfy sexual cravings is theoretically greater than other forms of paraphilia.  Therefore, more research on the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of pyrophilia may have significant societal benefits.  The purpose of this article is to initiate a conversation on the topic of pyrophilia.  This article presents previously discussed parameters of pyrophilia through a synthesis of peer-reviewed, clinical research publications.  Moreover, case studies further explored and highlighted common elements and critiques of pyrophilia.  Finally, the need for future research is discussed.  Defining the term pyrophilia and correctly conceptualizing it as a syndrome, diagnosis, or subtype of another diagnosis will aid the development of best practices for assessment and treatment. 

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[BH] ISSN  (Online) 2331-7582
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