Introduction to Parricide: When Children Kill Parents

Deb Huntley, Cody Charette, Kimberly Dodson, Heather Grammatico, Laura Cooney-Koss, Olivia N. Johnson, Jerrod Brown


Parricide is the murdering of a parent, close relative, or primary caregiver by a minor or adult child. As a crime, society finds it both disturbing and incomprehensible. While parricide is an uncommon occurrence, its effects are devastating to families and communities. This article provides an introduction to the topic of parricide. It addresses various types of parricide, associated statistics on its prevalence, and characteristics of both perpetrators and victims. Additionally, this article presents major research findings on motives for parricide and information about predicting and reducing the likelihood of such incidents.

Keywords: Children, murder parent, parricide, relative

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