The Journal Of Global Gender Issues

The purpose of The Journal of Global Gender Studies is to publish works that employ transnational/global conceptual and theoretical frameworks to explicate complexities of gender issues within a global context.

Transnational perspective will allow exploration of gender issues transcending national boundaries and focusing on relations between nations. Works employing transnational framework also address issues within a specific geo-political, and geo-cultural situatedness.

Global perspective will allow exploration of gender issues affecting all people living on planet earth conceptualized as one whole. Works employing global framework also conceive the myriad of gender issues worldwide as constituting an integrated whole.

Conceptual framework refers to a set of concepts or assumptions within a specific discipline. A conceptual framework is used to guide the process of research, scholarship, or project and presents a preferred approach to extrapolating an idea or thought.

A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated concepts and theories. Theoretiical framwork helps to explain, make sense of, and draw inferences about a specific gender issue or phonomenon. A theoretical framework also explicitly delienates important relationships between or among concepts for credible analysis.

The JGGI is an e-journal designed for online delivery to readers worldwide through the cyber-space. Articles will be available in electronic format only. Each article will have an individualized paging system for easy referencing.

The journal editors will make conscious effort to solicit and publish works on gender issues from all over the world.

The journal will solicit works from individuals and organizations involved with gender issues. Organizations may include, but not limited to, governmental, quasi-government, non-governmental, and businesses.