This paper aims to review relevant literature on value chain management for patient-centric services in hospitals. This work is based on information presented by various authors from the health care profession and authors involved in studying the managerial aspects of healthcare services. Most of research in this area is qualitative and diverse due to diversity of healthcare discipline. Publications which study patient centric care (PCC) from the value chain point of view are rare due to the fact that health care in most cases is a non-profit service and most of the literature on PCC is authored by healthcare professionals. In this study, a brief description of modern value chain approach and definitions of PCC have been introduced. The most significant factors of PCC value chain were recognised and discussed. The impact of those factors and their potential to create value in the PCC process were analysed. It was found that shared decision-making is a very important factor which adds value to the PCC value chain. This result is coherent with the nature of PCC which gives great weight to patient participation in decision making regarding their own health. However, this study suffers from minor limitations due to the lack of quantitative studies to evaluate the impact of various factors on PCC in hospitals and due to the fact that not all authors agree on the main elements of PCC. This review is intended to provide deeper understanding of the current state of research related to value chain management for patient-centric services in hospital.