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haha, ahha
Hamavhwa, Derrick, Zambia Forum for Health Research
Hamdard, Naqibullah
Haneef, anwar
Haneef, Dr. Anwar, Ministry of Public Health
Haregu, Tilahun Nigatu
Haregu, Tilahun Nigatu, African Population and Health Research Center (Kenya)
Hargeu, Tilahun Nigatu
Harms, Joshua
Harr, Diane, Concordia University, St. Paul.
Hartigan, Sara, John Jay College
Hartigan, Sara, John Jay College University of North Texas
Hastings, Bethany
Hastings, Bethany (United States)
Hastings, Bthany
Haun, Jeff
Heegaard, William, TASER'sâ„¢ Scientific and Medical Advisory Board
Hesse, Mario
Hesse, Mario, Forensic Scholars Today (United States)
Hesse, Mario L.
Hesse, Mario L.
Hesse, Mario L., St. Cloud State University (United States)
Hickey, Eric, California School of Forensic Studies at Alliant International University
Hiller, Janet E, Swinburne University of technology, Melbourne Australia
Ho, Jeffrey, Hennepin County Medical Center

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