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Top Tips to Choose The Best Orthopedic Doctor

by Clinton Able (2019-09-12)

An Orthopedic Doctor is a physician having knowledge and training in orthopedic medicine, and having the ability to assess and cure the musculoskeletal system that involves all the moveable components of the human body. They can be described as surgeons or doctors, having the training to prescribe medicines, orthotics and other treatment measures, including surgery. Find out how to choose the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata.

40520191_1766125530103626_33294059056608Check the specialties

You must find out about the doctor's specialties as well as sub-specialties, so as to be assured of his skills to cure the condition. Diseases, ageing, congenital conditions, injuries etc can negatively affect the musculoskeletal system. Problems of the joint, bone and soft tissue can make the job of an orthopedic doctor more complicated. There are numerous sub-specialties, such as hand, ankle, foot, elbow, shoulder and more. Find out whether he is trained to handle total joint reconstruction surgery, sports medicine, spine surgery, pediatric, orthopedic trauma, musculoskeletal oncology etc, based on your requirements.

Know about his experience

It is essential to know about how long the orthopedic doctor has been in practice, and the type of medical work that he has handled for that period. In case you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon who will treat your spinal issues, it is recommended by the North American Spine Association that you choose an orthopedic neurosurgeon or surgeon who has spent minimum half of time in spinal surgery in an operating room.

Be assured of his certification

Other than this, you should know whether the orthopedic doctor has board certification. Orthopedic doctors need to undergo a rigorous program in order to be board certified. He has to complete schooling for about 15 years to be a surgeon and a minimum of 8 years to be a non-surgical orthopedic practitioner. He should take a standardized exam, followed by an oral test that concentrates on his surgical and clinical performance in the last 6 months. Board certification can make you confident that the physician is a validated one and can offer the best Orthopedic Treatment in Kolkata.

Look for referrals

When you get referrals to a specific orthopedic physician, you can be more assured about the orthopedic doctor that you choose. The primary care provider who reviewed your disorder first may recommend an orthopedic physician to you. You can also get referrals from a family member or a friend regarding choosing a qualified physician for your needs.

The author likes to write about medical processes and practices in his spare time so that preventive measures can be taken against different medical conditions by the people. In this write-up, the author talks about best methods to choose an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata .