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Staying on Track For Successful Goal Setting

by Jenna Stamper (2019-09-19)

When you begin the method of goal-setting, you're deliberately creating cognitive dissonance or discomfort. This is a good thing! If you haven't created any tension or discomfort for yourself, then the goal isn't way enough out of your current reality.

Once you have got started setting some goals, if you find yourself slipping back to your previous ways, it is important to understand why this happens and what to try to to about it.

The Journey

After four or five weeks of starting your goal-setting method, you'll find yourself in one among the following three areas:

1. Going well with your goal setting and ready to expand these new techniques into different areas of your life.

2. Have created a start, had sensible intentions, but are starting to lose motivation and beginning to slip back to your previous ways.

3. Struggling - no motivation or goal-setting whatsoever.

There's continually a natural tendency to slide back into your recent ways. BE AWARE, this is often your sub-acutely aware saying to you, "I recognize you're out of your comfort zone, let me fix that for you - let me take you back to where you're comfortable."

Say as an example your goal was to start a gym program, currently, because you've got taken yourself out of your comfort zone you will start to receive feedback through your actions or in-actions of how powerful the mind will be to urge you back to where you're comfortable. This is often what will happen:

o Firstly, you will miss a few days here and there of going to the gym.

o Secondly, you will miss some days in a very row.

o Thirdly, you'll miss a complete week, though you will then come back to on course for some days.

If you are not careful, terribly soon you may go back to your previous habits and come back up with all the justifications as to why you didn't keep going to the gym. Now for people who have ever started a gym program - you cannot tell me this never happened to you!

What is Your Motivation?

You wish to travel back and seriously take a look at WHY you're writing and setting the goals you have. Is it for you or somebody else? Solely YOU are in control of your actions, and 소사벌요가 you would like to acknowledge how powerful

your self-speak can be.

Any type of modification creates tension among yourself, it's important to know that this can be natural. We tend to can easily notice excuses for ourselves - that we are too busy, too stressed because of work or family commitments, etc, etc. Raise yourself WHY??

As a result of you are out of your comfort zone and also the want to isn't strong enough. It's that easy! Your Goal Setting needs to be realistic.

Long-term goals. Picture in your mind, what it might be like to realize your goal? - Feel the emotion that comes with picturing. To achieve your long-term goals, you will need to line smaller goals that may be measured and adjusted accordingly for maximum achievement.

Short-Term - daily, weekly, monthly. Stay flexible as sudden things can and do come up that have an effect on your goals and divert you off-track and that's okay.

Don't get uptight or resentful - go back to on target!

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