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What does lp mean on CD? -

by June Goheen (2019-09-20)

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What is Eminem first album?
The Slim Shady LP if you mean Major.His First CD ever was Infinite

When was Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset created?
Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset was created in 1968-10.

Why is music available on LP record but not a CD?
A CD compresses music, With some music this compression ruins the sound. If music is released only on LP it would be due to this.

What are slipknots the albems?
If you mean "albems" as albums these are there albums. Studio albums 1999 Slipknot Released: June 29, 1999 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8655-1) Format: CD, LP, CS 2001 Iowa Released: August 28, 2001 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8564-2) Format: CD , LP 2004 Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) Released: May 24, 2004 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8388-8) Format: CD, LP 2008 All Hope Is Gone Released: August 26, 2008 Label: Roadrunner (RR #7938-5) Format: CD, CD+DVD, LP

What are the names of the songs which have been played by Richard Clayderman?
Look at the numbers of albums he made. Now, about 12 tracks in each of them. Search up any one of the albums made and you'll receive your answer. * 25 Years of Golden Hits (2xCD) * 50 Exitos Romanticos (3xCD) * 101 Solistes Tziganes (CD) * A Comme Amour (CD) * A Little Night Music (CD) * A little Romance (CD) * All by myself (2 CD SET) * Always (CD) * América Latina...mon...

What eminem CD is white with a black e on it?
The Marshall Mathers LP

What does lp mean in crochet?
LP is the abbreviation for 'loop'.

Can you buy a CD of Wayne Nutt's Oil Field Man?
I have the LP but not the equipment to transfer it to CD I am open for offers on the Album

What is MLPS in music CDs?
Mini LP in sleeve. Instaed of a standard jewel case it is a cd packaged in a miniature version of an LP or record sleeve.

When did Eminem's first CD came out?
1999 the slim shady LP :P

If francois hardy issued a CD of her lp francoise hardy in English?
Not that I am aware of

What is the different between CD and vinyl?
An LP uses a needle to read the grooves in the vynal. The CD does the same thing but uses a laser

What does LP mean in the mortgage industry?
What does LP menas in mortgage terms

What does the term LP mean?
LP means long-playing phonograph record.

Was Lisa lougheed's album evergreen nights ever released on CD?
no, only LP and cassette

How many records did Cher sell?
Start Counting! Have fun. All I Really Want To Do - 1966 The Sonny Side of Cher - 1966 Cher - Oct 1966 Cher Backstage - 1967 Cher Sings the Hits - 1967 With Love - 1967 and France 2001 3614 Jackson Highway - (ATCO) 1969 & (CD released 2001 by Rhino) Gypsy, Tramps & Thieves - November 1971 Foxy Lady - August 1972 Bittersweet White Light - May 1973 on LP & (released 1999...

Does anyone have reasonably priced Menudo CD for sale Somos Los Hijos Del Rock you are willing to pay 25.00?

How much is an original 1973 aerosmith record?
LP (Opened and worn)- $10 Max LP (Mint With "Walkin' The Dig" mistake)- $50 Max Cassette (Opened)- Worthless Cassette (Mint)- $2 Max CD (Opened)- $8 Max CD (Mint)- $15 Max

What does the term 'LP' mean in music?
LP is short for "long player", typically meaning an album length record pressed on vinyl.

What is Alvin and the chipmunks first CD called?
Well, it's a tough question to answer .their first album was The Chipmunk Song, With David Seville's "Almost Good" on the B-side of the LP, released in '58. (yes, they're really that old ^^) But if you mean actual CD, It would have to be Club Chipmunk, or the A-files, if you want the first one that was released only on CD.

What does it mean if your CD player says check CD and 대전이사청소 there's not a CD in there?
it mean there is no CD so make sure there is a CD in there

What was the first CD to sell one million copies?
It was Dire Straights with Brothers in Arms that was the first album to sell one million copies in the CD format and to outsell its LP version.

What does LP mean in a company's name like us news and world report LP?
I think that's Limited Partnership.

What does LP mean on harvest moon ds cute?
LP are love points, and FP are friend points. you get LP and FP for someone with a heart by them. Anyone else would just be FP.

What does EP mean when referring to a record?
EP stands for "Extended Play." It refers to a kind of vinyl record that's longer than a single but shorter than a full-length (LP or "Long Play") album. Since it's on a CD, that CD was probably originally issued as an Extended Play record on vinyl.

What is the value of johnny cash lp sun records original golden hits volume ii?
You might checkout: They have dozens and dozens of Record / CD stores and shops around the world who may be able to help you. NOTE: The condition of the LP and the LP Cover will determine how much the album will be worth.

Was there a soundtrack to this movie running brave?
yes there was when the movie first came out but the soundtrack was on LP only. I have never seen it in CD form. The soundtrack was never on CD nor what I was told that it will be. Not enough interest.

Is the lp more hits by the supremes on CD?
Yes. The album "More Hits By The Supremes" has been issued on CD. you can find it as an import on it is combined with another Supremes album. The CD has More Hits and also Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland

What does an LP convertible range mean?
LP Convertible Gas Range means stove can be converted from natural gas to propane gas.

What is the value of the album The Lure of the Grand Canyon with Johnny Cash?
You might checkout: They have dozens and dozens of Record / CD shops and stores all over the world. NOTE: The price will depend on the condition of the LP and the LP Cover.

What inventions helped music industry grow?
The radio, the gramophone, the LP, Cassettes, CD, MP3, MTV, Electrically amplified instruments,

Wayne newtons version of love of the common people?
Search it on Youtube or Google. I have it on CD and on LP but don't recall which album it was on. It is out there though.

Assuming a person owns an lp and instead of trying to convert the songs on the lp to mp3 to record on a CD the person downloads the songs via LimeWire is this illegal?
Downloading any copyrighted material from Limewire is legal no matter if you already own it or not.

What does LP stand for?
LP is a 'Long Playing' record made of black vinyl, they typically had 6 or 7 recordings on each side and you would need a 'record player' to listen to them, they were very popular before the modern day CD was introduced.

What do the letters Dip LP NP mean?
Dip LP means Diploma in Legal Practice, while NP means Notary Public.

Where can you get a cassette of Appalachian fever by charlie mccoy?
You will only find it as an old LP record. You can purchase it on eBay or some such site and then have it converted to a CD.

What does LP mean?
LP stands for "long-playing phonograph" which is the same thing as a record. The term has remained the standard name for an album from bands or artists.

Where can you buy Joni James Beyond the Reef Album CD?
Some guy in Japan is currently selling it for $40 plus $17 shipping (to Canada) on Ebay (ridiculous). I have the LP, and hope to convert it to MP3 and then to a CD when I finally get around to it. No way I would dish out $57 for a CD.

I know there is a soundtrack of the 1974 film Stardust in LP and Vinyl versions is there also a cd version of that soundtrack and if so where would I find it?
You can find the soundtrack to the 1974 film Stardust on CD at Amazon, eBay, and Barnes and Noble.

What Fleetwood Mac CD is Silver Springs on?
Silver Springs is a track that was recorded during the original recording sessions for the Rumours LP. Allegedly, the track was dropped in favor of "I Don,t Want To Know, due to the track,s length. "Silver Springs" was edited so that it could be included on the "Rumours" LP, but that idea was scrapped due to the fact that, although "Silver Springs" was edited from its original length, it was discovered that the track length...

What does the CD mean on the periodic table?
Cadmium is Cd, not CD. There is no CD on the periodic table.

Can you change a gas hot water heater from natural gas to butane gas?
I'm not sure if you mean butane or LP? If you mean LP then the orifice size must be changed to accomodate the new fuel type. If you do mean butane, I can't answer that question.

What does rib CD mean?
You have misheard the words - you mean "rip CD" not "rib CD". If you "rip" a CD then you are making a copy of it onto either another blank CD or some other medium.

What does LP mean when used with a tire size?
Stands for Low Profile.

Do Xbox games work on a Playstation?
Yeah that makes sense. Kinda like will my LP work on my CD player or will my house key work in my car.

5In computer language what does CD mean?
If by "CD" you mean the disk that you place in your laptop or CD player, it stands for "Compact Disk"

In computer language what CD mean?
CD stands for a Compact Disc. CD can also mean Change Directory when used as a command.

Where can you find on CD the song rings by dr hook?
The song, "Rings" is on Dr. Hook's 1983 album, "Let Me Drink From Your Well". This album has not been released on CD. You may be able to find a copy of the original LP on eBay.

Do you put CD in quotation marks?
If you mean CD like CD player, then no.

What does NO CD mean on Audi CD player?
It means there is no disk in the CD player.

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