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Stay Ahead in Competitions with Meticulous Training in Automation

by Jamaal Veale (2019-09-20)

Robotics is a branch of education that renders training and guidance upon Automation and practical operations. In the twenty first century today, digitalisation and technological advancement is at its peak. Almost all the commercial, educational and research oriented fields run upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Therefore, it is important for every person to master Automation, whether a student or a commercial employee. But such guidance is not rendered anywhere, neither at schools nor at colleges. Students tend to run behind in practical operations. Later when they go forth to pursue a good job, most of the well-known organisations reject them or do not offer them a prestigious position. This is because most of the work fields today scrutinise a candidate's creative skill and practical knowledge. If one is not prompt and thorough with the basics, they fail to secure a good career for themselves. As a result of this many talented people remain unemployed inspite of being talented. To eradicate mass unemployment and to render the needed Automation knowledge, the branch of robotics holds classes in Delhi to train candidates.

The Automation classes are designed for all ages, right from children to grown up adults. Classes are organised meticulously making sure that every person understands and learns to operate robots. Students from 6 years of age are supervised in the classes. The classes for children are stratified into five levels on the basis of the age groups. If a child is enrolled to the courses right from an early age then, he not only gets to learn laboratory operations but can also score high in science subjects both at school and other competitive examinations. Robotics renders training in STEM subjects like Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. This combination has been smartly designed to guide students both at school level and at college levels.

In level one of the training courses, students are taught Mechanics and Assembly, Battery Connections, Gear Training, Programming and Coding. In the second level, students are taught fundamentals of electrical circuits, Circuit building and simulation, Use of semiconductors like Capacitor and Diodes. In the third level students are taught Soldering and GPB making, Radio Frequency Technology and are also introduced to sensor robots. Towards the end of a course, in the fourth level, students are trained upon the basics of Robotics Programming Language, Interfacing of various components with Arduino and are also taught to make Arduino projects. Finally in the fifth level, students are trained to operate, design and control Robots with advanced coding techniques. Students are taught to Light Follower Robot, Bluetooth Controlled Robot, Robots using Ultrasonic Sensors, etc.

Such training is not just designed for students. STEM supervision is also rendered in the form of workshops at commercial organisations. In the workshops students are trained upon Java, Drone, Android and various other operating systems. Candidates are also trained upon Industrial Automation. The robotics classes in Delhi mostly focus upon laboratory experimentation and operations to enhance the creativity of students and candidates of all ages. This will help them prosper both at education and work fields.

This contribution has been made by Ankur Anand who has written a number of articles on robotics classes in Delhi and provides fruitful information.

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