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As a business Hunt Railway locomotive Optimizer, I am often fielding questions asked by those lucky few who are raw to the SEO field, and among these so-called "newbies" a revenant enquiry a great deal pops up - "Which of the following ways is best to structure site URLs?" .comAnd so, it is with this revenant quandary in judgement that I testament try to answer the question, "which URL structure is best in terms of SEO, subfolders or subdomains?" Unretentive Answer: If the largeness of an write out or keyphrase testament be covered in such detail that a newly site should be constructed to C. H. Best admit the content, or More simply, if the land site?s in writing seafaring will need to be altered, use of goods and services subdomains. In all early cases, expend subfolders.

Seo Advice: When To Use Subdomains