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Date Fruit Kimia Date fruit seeds have been demonstrated to possess excessive antioxidant activities due to their excessive content of flavonoids and phenolic compounds. Kimia Date black-brown seed has virtually as many names as it has cures.

Dates Are a Medicine for Gut Disorders! Kalute date has a rising market in the most nations similar to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, UAE & Chile. Kabkab date could be very well-liked in CIS, UAE and India and is planted in south of Iran corresponding to Borazjan, Jahrom and Fars areas. This sort of date is semi-dry and has fewer than 18% moisture.The shade in kharak and rotab levels is yellow and after it become ripe its shade turns to darkish brown. Kabkab date is soft and sweet and is used for direct consumption, industrial objective and also utilized in compressed type.The harvest time for this Iranian date is center of September. Sayer date is among the primary Iranian dates for export.

Sayer Dates