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Ajwa Dates Pictures Eid N, Enani S, Walton G, et al. said in their analysis that, “Ajwa dates had been thought of to be the richest in polyphenols, particularly anthocyanidins, in comparison with other varieties, similar to Barni and Khalas.” Ajwa dates have also been confirmed to forestall breast cancer in one other research and promote the growth of useful bacteria which helps maintain colon well being. It is also endorsed as a approach to forestall cardiovascular diseases. The Prophets' [PBUH] favourite dates, Ajwa, is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Madina Monawara. A delightfully gentle and fruity date with nice texture. Ajwa Dates (Khajoor) - Imported instantly from Prophet’s [PBUH] beloved land of Madinah Monawara, Saudi Arabia. Calcium which is good for bone and enamel and performs an important role like nerve signal transmission is also discovered in the Ajwa dates. According to a recent survey within the medical area, it's usually acknowledged that the consumption of Ajwa dates additionally helps stop abdominal most cancers which is probably its largest health benefit.

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