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Fresh Dates, Fresh Dates Suppliers and Manufacturers at These numbers imply excessive demand and its fast progress in Mazafati date export opportunities. Zahedi dates (Zehdi Date) are simply one of the varieties of dates lovingly produced in iran - house of the most exquisitive dates in the world. This tropical city allocates about 80,000 MT of produced dates in east of Kerman to itself per yr. Mazafati date, probably the most well-known Iran date, is grown primarily in Bam and even many individuals know Mazafati as “Bam date” globally. This crop has a positive effect each on employment of Bam’s residents and the export advancement of Iran date in international agro-markets. Drier Mazafati dates, referred to as semi dried Mazafati dates, may be placed in 5/10 Kg cartoons. Important to contemplate that only Mazafati dates with low moisture are appropriate to be packed in 5/10 Kg boxes, otherwise the dates are broken through the export course of.

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