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GST Reverse Charge : What & When Explained with Examples The mixture is then fed in to a sprig dryer and pumped through a tiny nozzle in to a heated chamber with a blow of sizzling air that causes fast evaporation of water from the combination ensuing in the fruit powder to get collected at the outlet. A fine brown colored free flowing powder, Spray Dried Dates Powder is made out of the unique "Sweets" of nature i.e. Dates which are considered as one of many high Super food . Made out of pure and most sought-after number of dry dates, the Spray Dried Dates Powder lets out an fragrant flavour and tastes pure and as candy as ever. Any modification, deletion or inclusion of inward supplies by the receiver in his inward return i.e. FORM GSTR-2 will be communicated to the Outward supplier which shall be visible to them as GSTR 1A. GSTR 2 or return of inward provides have to be filed earlier than the 15th of each month. In GSTR 2, the return for outward supplies filed by the supplier the receiver is required to match his receipts with the details of supplies filed by the supplier. The receiver is required to – confirm, validate, modify and even delete, if needed – the details furnished by the suppliers.

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