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Search your farm close to the beaches of the beautiful Emilia Romagna region. The farm biodynamic, I Tre Poggi is located in an old farmhouse on the Monferrato, transformed in a wellness center, SPA and restaurant. With the beautiful heated swimming pool and which includes a view of the valley, is just a single 2 km from the centre pada Brisighella. If in the preparation of meals is confirmed, the obligation for each of the agritourism of veneto, the use of no more than 15% of the total of products purchased from the free market food distribution (shops, supermarkets, etc.,), is increased up to 35% (60% for companies in mountainous areas), the possibility of the use of products of other farms in the handicraft enterprises of food, as long as they are based in the regional territory and provided that they are typical products of small local productions (PPL), organic, characterised by the marks Pdo, Igp, Igt, Doc electronic Docg, or from the regional brand Quality-Tested. In a court not far from Asti, arianne restaurant serves typical piedmont dishes based on products in kilometres 0. These are the same limits that have induced several farms of success to join the tourist offer in the ordinary, in which, in contrast to the farm, they can get organized evil impotence expand at will. Check them out on in the section Farm within Emilia Romagna region. For each time we have not found Farm holidays in Emilia Romagna, we list pada below are some useful suggestions that include web sites, articles, electronic and other resources to find the Farm holidays in the municipality of Emilia Romagna. Within the different cases are provided escort services for trips to the horse, routes for walking, bicycle rental, but the services may also include the swimming pool, carry out educational activities related samtliga country life, courses, pada, kitchen, and else. Farmhouse located a few kilometres from Faenza, offers for accommodation within hotel rooms and apartments, wine tastings and a cellar, full pada wines to taste and buy. My name is Giancarlo, electronic, together with my collaborators I manage Agriturismo Villanova, a property in the pada family for over 3 centuries, located in the of the most beautiful parts of Liguria. By constantly the Piedmont region is known for the colours of its landscapes and the flavours of its cuisine. The centre of Venice, Castello, and Cannaregio are very popular among tourists within a visit in the Veneto region. Situated in the peace of the piacenza hills, the farmhouse offers a romantic villa freedom and the adjacent rural buildings.

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