Investment opportunities in health business in Africa are
increasingly visible.
In 2008, the international Finance
Corporation (IFC) published results of data on health business
collected by McKinsey and Company over a six month period,
in a report titled The Business of Health in Africa: Partnering with
the Private Sector to Improve People’s Lives. In this report, the
IFC identified major opportunities in health business in Africa
in five domains.
The first domain of business opportunity is the health
services organizations such as hospitals, health centers, and
medical clinics. The second domain is the life science
companies such as pharmaceutical and medical device
manufacturing. The third domain is the health risk pooling
companies that provide health insurance plans. The fourth
domain is the sales and distribution companies such as
pharmacies and medical retail outlets, and the fifth domain is
education institutions such as schools of nursing, medicine,
and allied health professionals.