Law enforcement is a dangerous profession that can quickly turn deadly for the
unprepared. According to the FBI – Law Enforcement Officer Killed and Assaulted
(LEOKA) report, 54,469 officers were assaulted in 2010. Over a quarter of these
officers sustained injuries as a result of being assaulted (FBI, 2010). In over 30% of
these assaults, officers were responding to some type of disturbance (e.g. domestic
dispute, fight in progress) (FBI, 2010). Approximately 62% of these assaults occurred
to officers patrolling in single-car units (FBI, 2010). As of September 2012, eightyone
officers had lost their lives in the line of duty (ODMP.org, 2012). These statistics
provide constant reminders that the need to be prepared in every way possible is an
absolute necessity. One aspect of preparedness often overlooked is physical fitness,
but oversight can mean the difference between life and death.